To Fe, the girl who could do anything


Is there a ball court in heaven?  If so, you are most certainly dominating!


A Poem-

I pause by the grave but know you’re not there

And I wonder, “Is there a ball court in the heavenly sphere?”

And every time the thunder rolls its mighty, terrible sound

I will know it is you crashing the boards for another rebound.

And I hope that there’s a sprawling stadium waiting us in glory

So you can stretch your powerful legs and let your speed tell your story.

And every time the winter wind blows swiftly across my face

I will know you’ve just sprinted another victory in a race.

And when the golden leaves in fall flutter down like rain

I will know you are dancing in heaven- wildly and without pain

And when in heat of summer I hear robins tweet in harmony

I will imagine you’re the drum major keeping them in time and on key

But I now stand at your grave and weep with all my friends

But you’re not there— you’re busy!

Your journey’s at the start and not the end.

You are bounding and singing and laughing with glee

You’re jumping hurdles and throwing the shot and whacking a softball happily—

You are full of life and full of joy, full of praise…

You are finally free.

See you soon, Dear Friend                                                                                                            —Kelley Griffin (Lammers)

One thought on “To Fe, the girl who could do anything

  1. I’m here at the nail salon with tears strolling down my cheeks. What a wonderful tribute! Hugs to Fe’s family and friends! I know y’all will miss here.

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