Finish Strong

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Who doesn’t love a hero?

I just watched Avengers:, Infinity War with my family for the second time.  MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

To say the least, I did not like the ending.  I sort of agree with Charlotte, who simply had tears streaming down her cheeks as Groot faded into oblivion.  There is something about a summer blockbuster movie that is supposed to leave us satisfied. We expect to leave the theater pumped up, ready to don our cloaks and hammers and take on the world.

But, if you didn’t believe it before, just watch Infinity War… not all movies end well.

Fortunately for us, Scripture does end well! God tells us His ending from the very beginning.  In fact, He reveals it right in the garden when He proclaims Jesus will crush Satan’s head!  Yet somehow we live day by day, defeated, as if our favorite hero has vanished like dust in the wind.  We walk mundanely through this life as if the enemy is victorious and we are enslaved.  We lie and cheat. We fuss and bicker. We are jealous and bitter. And we are neglecting the true identity Christ has bestowed upon us: we are His brotherhood.  We are heirs with Him! We are of royal blood, carefully chosen for wondrous works if we will just accept the assignment. Power is ours and victory is guaranteed.  Yes, there will be battles, and with that, scars. There will be set backs and frightening days ahead. But we know the outcome; we are aware of God’s grace toward us and His sovereign rule that is working good things in our lives, even on days that seem bad.

And we should walk with our heads held high.  We should aim in all endeavors to finish well, whatever the task. My daughters and I just completed our third year of homeschool.  We finished well. We worked until the end. We struggled some days, and others we soared.  But if we did only a few things right, one is that we persevered until the end. And that is how we shall do all things.

Finish well.  It is the best way to guarantee you will start well the next time. And the next. And the next.

Oh, and Marvel, please bring the dead to life!

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