Starts and Stops

Am I the only one who starts things and doesn’t finish them?

It’s actually embarrassing that I began a blog in 2010 and wrote heartily for a few months and then forgot that I have a blog page.  This week, as I took inventory of my life, I thought, “I’d like to have a blog page.” So I googled how to start a blog, and the first hit was  Then I thought, “Hmm, that website sounds eerily familiar.”  When I found myself at the log in page, I entered my email address and my stand-by log-in from five years ago.  Bam! I found that I not only had blog but I also had written a few articles for it.  Is anyone else THAT spacey?

This really shouldn’t surprise me… Several years ago I took guitar lessons, for 3 months.  I grew tired of trimming my long nails and gave that up! One summer I began writing an adolescent mystery novel and gave it to my 12 year old son to read in increments. Just as he got to the climax, I lost interest in the characters and couldn’t write an ending.  (He still hasn’t fully forgiven me.)  When a friend gave me an expensive juicer, I bought weird vegetables and worked hard to produce a few ounces of juice per day, for about a week.  I was actually a vegetarian for about 10 months during a pre-mid-life crisis. And who can count how many New Year’s Resolutions have fallen to the wayside?

But unfinished projects are NOT what define me. Instead I look to the goals I have set and accomplished.  I worked hard in my thirties to become a runner, and to compete in local 5K races.  I have written Bible studies for my children and articles for magazines.  I have actually turned many of my photographs into family scrapbooks. And I have a current workout routine to prepare me of an obstacle course race this summer. I do set goals, grit my teeth, tighten my jaw, and finish what’s important.

So I’ve taken up blogging again!  Here I am with a son in college, two in high school, and two elementary daughters… I work as a school counselor, I coach elementary basketball, I direct an awesome youth group in a great country church… I wrestle with 2 dogs daily, I play piano, I read, I laugh, I dance, I cry.  And I’m fully devoted to my strong husband and best friend.  Maybe you’re like me.. there’s much more to you than what the surface implies, and there’s so much more than your starts and stops.

Hold your head up, dear sister! Seek the ancient path, where the good way lies, and walk in it, and find rest for your soul!

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