If you haven’t gone to church camp yet this summer, go! Seriously. I just returned from carting 6 teenagers on a four hour journey across the state so that they could spend 5 days on a timeless college campus with 1500 other young vibrant Seekers in order to fill them with enough Jesus to last until next summer. Or at least until I can find the time to write a captivating Wednesday night lesson. The result? PUMPED UP youth for Christ. What a time rubbing shoulders with amazing college students who have given up 2 weeks of their summer to volunteer to invest in the lives of high schoolers simply to send the message: “You’re not alone!” And boy was the message received.
Our students were literally boo-hooing on the last night of camp at the realization that they’d be leaving the mountaintop experience the next morning and heading back to the drudgery of ordinary life And for some of them: a difficult life.
But glory be to God that He directs our paths that we may interact with others who change us for good. Glory be to Him that He provides the means that we can go when extra money is hard to find. And glory be to Him for His Word that in eternal and does not return void.
Needless to say, if you haven’t gone to church camp lately, maybe it’s time to go!

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