Where Passion Meets Passion

person running near street between tall trees

  • “The miracle isn’t that I finished.  The miracle is that I had the courage to start” –J.Bingham.  photo creds:Pexels.com

We often speak of God opening doors and closing doors as signs of how He gently can lead us through life. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this thought I have always been the kind of person who pushes harder on closed doors, and I avoid the ones that are wide open.  I appreciate a good challenge, and I feel the best accomplishments in life are the ones I have struggled through (finishing a marathon, completing a devotion book, attaining a Master’s degree). So to me, the better test of God’s guidance seems to be the passion He stirs in my heart.

I’ll be honest: I love to travel. And I’ll be even more honest: I like to lead Bible studies. And if I’m totally honest I’ll admit, I really enjoy running. These are three pretty random passions that I’ve dabbled with and enjoyed sporadically over my entire adult life. But now I see them all coming together, merging toward one beautiful goal: mission work.  Jeff and I want to go back to Africa and continue with Growing Nations, to help train missionaries in agricultural settings for a few months this winter.  I can lead Bible studies or help write curriculum and travel to other African nations to mobilize or encourage missionaries in their homes and villages.

AND I want to invite YOU to join us! Seriously, you have been in my family’s life for quite a while.  You have supported us, encouraged us, upheld us, and sustained us while we have joined the mission team in Lesotho.  Since we know we want to go back, we want to be more intentional about bringing you along.  How can you help? 

  • Are you a true prayer warrior? The kind that wakes up in the middle of the night in anguish over another grieving soul and you can’t go back to sleep until you have fallen on your knees?  Well we certainly need you!
  • Are you an encourager? Can you send text and emails: the kind that make us laugh because they are so real and help us feel we are back home when you catch us up on what’s happening in the States? You’d be a great asset to our family!
  • Are you a practical shopper? Someone who can collect board games or candles or duct tape or fly swatters? We need a few folks that can help us pack a lot of practical items in a very small space! 
  • Are you a financial supporter?  Does God lead you to give a little (or a lot) whether you have extra or not? We want to invite those of you with the gift of giving to be a part of our team too!

We want you to go with us, however you can— commit to help us get there, commit to sustain us while we are gone, and commit to be actively involved in the decisions we make concerning God’s work.

Now for the running part… We are going to host a VIRTUAL 5K run or walk.  Sign up to join us and simply complete 3.1 miles anytime in the month of June.  You will get a totally cool race shirt and you will make a donation to our trip (set to begin in January 2021). We want to encourage you to encourage us!  Please visit our new Facebook page: Lost in Africa for all the details.  Make plans to challenge yourself, invite friends to join you, and we will add you to our support team. 

Mission work is church work.  And church work is completed by us: the ordinary men and women and teens who face each day with determination and grit. What does God want to do with us today? I can’t wait to see!

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