Sharing a Bed


If you’ve ever had to share a bed with a little sister, you know how absolutely horrible such a state can be.  Tangled legs, cold feet, heavy breathing, fingers wrapped in your hair, and the most annoying questions, late at night is certainly just cause to wake up mad.

And if you ever had to share a car with a little sister, you know how absolutely mortifying that can be.  Messes of fast-food cups, crumpled homework carcasses, sandwich crumbs, and constant fights over the radio station can certainly crimp your style when you’re trying to impress your high school friends.

If you’ve ever gone off to college and left your little sister, she will suddenly become your best friend. Calling you first when her heart is broken, asking for cash when she feels she tapped out mom and dad, borrowing your clothes, stealing your albums, but asking for your advice at every turn.  And amazingly, she will become her own strong-willed, determined self, even when you’re not around.  Time moves on and she somehow grows up, falls in love, and touches the lives of all those around her with her beauty and strength.

Then, if you’ve ever had the privilege to share your children with your sister, well that’s fun… Aunts are amazing and way cooler than moms.  They buy the neat gadgets, organize the fun outings, and suggest things like ice cream for dinner or a movie after midnight. They plan the best vacations with detailed agendas, and they pretty much won’t take no for an answer.

And if you’ve ever had the privilege of sharing your life dreams with a little sister, you know how invaluable that can be. She encourages you and she says, “Of course you can!”  She will keep your kids (all five of them) so you can branch out into new ventures. She will encourage you to carve a new path in the world, to never limit yourself. 

And if you’ve ever faced cancer in your little sister you will see how unbelievably strong she really is.  She will become your hero; you will want to emulate her faith and her confidence. You will hope you can face similar situations with such grace and courage. You will learn from her to cherish every day, and to find laughter all around, despite the pain.  You will readily pray over her sick bed, sing her favorite songs and hold her hand through the night.  You will watch her breathe her very last breath when her heart and lungs give out and you will breathe for the first time as you watch her soul enter glory.  You will ache a new ache you’ve never known; your heart will fall to pieces, knowing however, they will one day be put back into place… You will hold your loved ones tighter, you will thank God for His mercy and victory, and you will move forward in this life without your precious shadow.

And then you will wish like everything you could share a bed with your little sister one more time.

6 thoughts on “Sharing a Bed

  1. This tribute was beautifully said. I know how you feel as I lost my little sister in March. We talked everyday and shared everything. I listen to her phone message just to hear her voice. I am praying for you and your precious family! Love to all of you!!!

  2. My heart is aching. I tried reading this earlier and couldn’t. Please know y’all are being lifted up-in those wee sma’s when you can’t sleep, we are awake and praying as He leads. ❤️

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