My Valentine Poem..

I have to confess.  I haven’t bought Jeff a card in probably 12 years.  I know, it sounds bad, but please, hear me out.  One day, over a decade ago, I was perusing the card store for the perfect anniversary card, but I just couldn’t find the right one.  Frustrated, I left the card aisle and began meandering through the store.  A small hardback book caught my eye because of its colorful, yet manly cover.  I thought it might be a book of poems that I could give Jeff, but to my disappointment, the book was empy.  Blank.  It was a journal.  Too bad, I thought.  It would make a pretty gift book.

Suddenly, I realized that since I do love writing, why in the world should I pay money for a card that can’t begin to say what I am feeling in my heart for the man of my dreams.  I snatched up that journal, and for our anniversary, I wrote an entry.  Now, almost every holiday, I pull the same journal out and add more to it.  Jeff has a collection of my writing, just for him, that I hope he will treasure all his life. 

Not too long ago, I began actually writing poems for Jeff’s journal.  I have NEVER been a poet.  Writing lines of verse really is an excruciating process for me… but the results have been awesome.  I have been able to come really close to giving Jeff a true picture of my love for him.  I haven’t yet found all the right words, but I sometimes think the right words haven’t yet been invented, and maybe one day, I’ll coin them.  But for now, each holiday, I write Jeff a poem from my heart.  I think I would like to share my Valentine poem with you.  This one isn’t all that serious, but I think it’s cute.  We can’t be serious all the time. 

A Year of Love for You

I love you in March like a loud untamed lion:

          A heart racing wild like the wind our kites fly in.

In April I love you with showers of green:

          With blossoms of kisses, a love garden unseen.

In May I love you like long rays of sun,

          My arms warm and ready for your early return.

I love you in June like the moon on the sand:

          Gentle yet striking, following earth’s command.

My love in July is hot, fire-cracking:

          With barbeque kisses that are oh so lip-smacking!

In August my love is like long afternoon shade

          It’s refreshing and lingering, like sweet lemonade.

My love in September sings out like a school bell:

          It’s time to learn more and on you only to dwell.

My love in October shines bright white like the cotton:

          The hard work you do is never forgotten.

In November I love you with a full-harvest heart:

          I’m stuffed with emotion, full of the joy you impart.

My love in December is soft and mild

          as our hearts are reminded of the love brought by a Child.

In January I love you like everything’s new

          Pure as snow, clear as ice, I am frozen with you.

But in February I love you with a red heart and  big kiss:

          My Valentine Sweetheart, you’ve brought me a full life of bliss.

Happy Valentine’s Day

K.A.  2010

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