Hello world!

What a morning.  Jeff is searching frantically for “marshamallow cereal” so the smallest member of our household can have breakfast without tears.  Although he awoke early to make cinnamon rolls, his daughters prefer cold cereal.  It’s only 8:20, so I have 40 solid minutes to pen my thoughts, take a shower, get ready for church, and then get the 5 children presentable as well.  With 5 inches of snow and ice covering the county, I doubt many parishoners will trek out on this beautiful wintry morn, but without question, our family will be there.  With hairbows and neckties.  (Who am I kidding?  I’ll be lucky if the boys aren’t in t shirts!)

So, good morning world.  The Lammers Family will be out in full force in just minutes, ready to impact, impress, imprint, but probably mostly destroy something.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. That is amazing and funny…you are wonderful with your writings and I bet you are a amazing teacher at school.If the students pay attention they learn wonderful things!!

  2. You should send these wonderful devotions to a publisher..they need to be enjoyed by many. God has given you a special talent with words, now go and bless the world. Mom

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